Elemental Disparity Progress Update

Hey all!
I just wanted to post a quick update on the upcoming expansion, Elemental Disparity.  Things are coming along nicely and I am almost in the final stretch of the development before testing can start up.  Earlier I posted my target release time frame was in early June, but due to some personal obligations, I am going to have to move this back to late June.  I am sorry for the delay, but I want to make sure I release a good product for everyone to enjoy.  You can find the progress of the update below:

What is done:

  • All Maps
  • All Professions
  • Non-Boss Monsters
  • All Equipment and Loot
  • All Npcs
  • All New Cosmetic Items
  • Level 20 Quests
  • Level 21 Quests
  • Level 22 Quests
  • All New Spells for All Classes
  • Re-balanced Stat Formulas

What is not done:

  • 5 New Dungeon Bosses
  • 2 New Talents per Class
  • Level 23 Quests
  • Level 24 Quests
  • Dungeon Quests

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