Elemental Disparity Update!

This update will go live July 16th at 8:00pm CST. Please update your client after that time to ensure a smooth gameplay experience.

Bertha from Crystalline Castle in the Glacial Plains has received word that the Kinderwin Cliffs, the balancing epicenter of all elements in Aetheria, is experiencing significant abnormalities. A quest only a true hero can accomplish is born! Embark on an investigation and perform feats of heroism to save the Kinderwin Cliffs, and all of Aetheria, from impending elemental doom! Expand and improve your professions, skills, spells, armor, and much more with Aetheria's newest expansion! 

This update includes:

  • A new map, The Kinderwin Cliffs
  • Increased player level cap to 25
  • Increased profession levels to 90
  • Brand new loot for levels 20+
  • New PvP arena
  • New costumes
  • New and updated achievements
  • A new dungeon, The Pinnacle of Elements
  • New spells for all classes
  • New talents for all classes
  • More than 50 new quests
  • Re-balanced quickness and critical stat formulas
  • One additional hotbar spell slot
  • Reworked fishing mechanics to be zone specific
  • Removed the GCD trigger for Surge, Call of Darkness, Call of Light, and Battle Cry
  • Updated the Blade Dancer talent to 4%, increased from 3%
  • Updated the Marked for Death talent to 8%, increased from 5%
  • Fixed Call of Light with Holy Influence to select the appropriate stat

In the near future, the following will also be added:

  • Two additional bosses to the Pinnacle of Elements Dungeon

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